Since Haku suggests himself pursuing the finally competition

Fumirul states that he understands how Kuon feels from the him and you may shares a comparable thoughts for her

Kuon frantically does not would you like to him commit as he starts to disappear and he thank you so much Kuon both the lady ideas for your and since the guy never will have gone so far or over as often otherwise on her behalf. It is required he pressed himself past their limits since the the guy realized when the the guy failed to, Kuon should do thus herself. Regarding the Epilogue, Haku generally seems to Kuon inside an aspiration and you can informs the woman you to he could be for ages been together with her while the the guy disappeared and you can apologizes for and come up with this lady end up being alone. Whenever she wakes up Spring enjoys unexpectedly reach new town she is actually being at and you can Haku features kept the girl his coating in exchange for Tessen. This proves it wasn’t just an aspiration, Kuon says she’s in the long run swept up to him and that big date won’t eliminate him.

Haku allows Hakuowlo’s role and you may revives to store Kuon and his family members, saying that the lady the guy likes is requiring your

  • Oshtor/Ukon – Ukon finds out Haku intriguing and reliable too. Ukon familiarly phone calls him “An-chan (sonny or lad).” The guy concerns trust Haku and have now requires his advice about these types of “miracle missions” when it comes to odd operate. It is associated with the point that Haku repaired an effective busted water wheel and you may informed Ukon (if second discover Haku restoring new controls) to not share with Kuon in order that she will n’t have your would way more functions. Haku thinks you to definitely Ukon merely messing up that have him, but people weird services actually are included in Ukon’s plans. Whenever Oshtor assigned your to deliver provides for the troops inside Tuskur, Haku hesitates in the beginning as the the guy doesn’t want to aid the brand new invaders that happen to be assaulting Kuon’s homeland, however, allows the work. It revealed that Haku is fairly sick and tired of Ukon/Oshtor giving him opportunities. Immediately following back to the capital, but not Haku try astonished and baffled immediately after reading Oshtor’s execution, he expected Oshtor’s choice on the letting himself to be executed and you may enabling Vurai to possess sheer power over Yamato, Haku confident Oshtor to leave the metropolis. Since the Oshtor fights Vurai, Haku thought that Oshtor you’ll beat him. Finally, Oshtor trusts Haku enough to hand your his cover up as he dies and take over once the Oshtor.
  • Emperor of Yamato/Mito – The guy finds out Haku interesting and trustworthy, when he gave your several women referred to as Kamunagi of Chains, of which the guy will not comprehend the need. He rarely matches up the emperor in the a key chamber within brand new castle. When Haku questioned from the his many years, the fresh emperor reveals your the point that Mito and you can Haku was old humans, as a result the guy remembers flashback away from his destroyed memories, Haku got a household: their more mature sister, a relative, and his awesome sis-in-law. The guy hacked to the business throughout the basic show and took the knowledge about their search and you can passed they over to their sister, he also volunteered to have done their brother’s search during the time he had been going cooler bed. Upcoming Haku accepted the Emperor is actually their brother and that his spouse and you may daughter were turned into curses. When the emperor proclaimed war on Tuskur, Haku disagreed about any of it and you will failed to know the grounds. He had been after that shocked when he read that emperor was assassinated.
  • Anju – They first satisfied when he discovered the lady to your a store restaurants particular edibles, she don’t understand fact to “pay”, thus Haku paid the food on her behalf. Haku is surprised when Anju is clearly the princess out-of Yamato. At the time when she requested your advise so you’re able to “seduce” Oshtor, Haku came up with the thought of an artificial kidnap in order to attract Oshtor. Immediately following remembering specific fragments of his past, the guy sees one Anju is much like so you can their relative, he got amazed one Anju is obviously a great “copy” out of their late relative. Haku grabbed responsibility from protecting Anju immediately following Oshtor give their cover up to help you your until the second died. Anju became Haku’s just relative real time because emperor died. He could be close friends.
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