Gacha Animator is the new evolution in the world of Gacha. Gacha Animator is specifically designed for animation, focused on animation. But it also allows you to create custom poses for your characters and export them to PNG files. If you notice any bugs, please report them to If playback doesn’t begin shortly. I am not affiliated with Mihoyo, all assets in this application were taken from third party websites and some screenshotted from the game itself.

Kids say so much when they are chatting online than when they are talking to someone in person. You should always check what your kids are doing online. You shouldn’t allow them to use mobile devices alone as they may not yet be responsible enough to deal with the internet menace. Gacha Life kids are in love with this game mostly because of the fun things they experience when playing. They enjoy playing the game because it allows them to connect with other users.

Draw lines that will serve as guide to her body and limbs Gacha Life free software. Also, trace a pair of long lines going down from both sides of the head-circle as a guide to her flowing hair. Check out our female anime base selection for the very best in unique or custom. If you have a hard time with colors, use the Color Presets.


Gacha Life kids can edit chat bubbles, insert backgrounds, add props, and much more. The Gacha Life app has so much to offer – it is the reason why the game remains a darling to many kids. Our Gacha Life review will familiarize you with some unique and classy features the app has to offer. Rules from their games, though many developers found ways around this.

  • This is where you need to be really careful as a parent, as plenty of Gacha Life game skits on sites like YouTube are completely inappropriate for children.
  • Use of the game to create an element of a buy-in and chance-based outcome is not permitted if the caught items have value.
  • With simple anime, one or two highlights are drawn.
  • Speech bubbles can then be added to each of them in the white boxes in the middle.

There are pages upon pages of character customization options. Tap on any of the buttons on the right side of the Home Screen to get started. Don’t worry because you won’t need to go back to the Home screen if you decide to make changes to a different part of your character’s body.

Make Your Own Gachaverse

Generally the way shadows appear on anything is based on the lighting. To keep things simple the face of this girl will be shaded as though she is either outside on a sunny day or indoors in a well lit room. There is also a tiny highlight on the lips that you can add by coloring around it as well. After finishing this step you can erase any of the guide lines you used for placing the facial features.

Sitting Gachabody Pose Freetoedit Sticker By @watiateyoutaco

The app was created for kids who love anime characters and are interested in creating their own. You can download Gacha World APK free and can install in your device without needing to go to google play store. Google play suggests that you should not download android apps directly from third-party sources, as they may harm your phone. You can download Gacha World APK by click the link below. Unlike Genshin Impact, however, players here don’t play any gacha or collect any characters.

It’s kind of boring without a good consistent community. Co-op coins are easy to get, if you do your daily two runs. Just queue up a lobby that you’ve yet to clear on Challenge for the week and finish with another player. A run takes like…two minutes maybe, and sometimes I only do the single run if I’m pressed for time.

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